Aaron DeNovellis - How to Operate a Successful Healthcare Facility

Aaron DeNovellis is the Executive Director of a continuing care retirement community called Mirador. He works hard in order to motivate his employees, manage directors and staff members, and care for his patients in need. He has helped to increase occupancy levels across the board. Here are some useful tips for those who want to operate a care facility successfully. 

Make the residents or patients your top priority. Patient care has to be at the top of your priority list because it ultimately determines the fate of your success. The only way to make your facility more successful is if you have residents coming in on a regular basis, which will only happen if they know your facility will offer them the best care for their money. Focus on the patients in order to grow within the industry.

Focus on community. The hardest part for people who assisted living is that they feel isolated away from the rest of society. You have to make sure that your facility is created with a community feel in mind; this will make your residents more comfortable, and it will help them feel as though they don’t live in a healthcare facility. Normalcy can go a long way in regards to a person’s mental health over time.

Manage your employees and your staff members as you would any other business. Although you’re running a business that works with the seniors, you’re still a business that needs to be operated the same way all businesses do. Manage your staff professionally, and make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

Aaron Denovellis is dedicated to his career.

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